Autumn Term 2020

Medium term plan (Autumn)

 WC 14th December 2020.

A big well done Year 2 as we reach the end of 2020! 

In maths we have recapped our addition and subtraction skills and all taken an assessment.
We have also moved on to think about money! We have been recognising coins and notes - sorting them, describing them and beginning to think about their value.


Next, we will be counting them so using our addition, subtraction and our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s skills.
The white rose links for our next steps are below:

In English we have continued with our story ‘The Journey Home’ by Fran Preston. We have been busy learning new skills. We have written postcards in past tense. We have used plurals to list animals! For example: In my boat I have penguins, foxes and albatrosses. We have also now met the animals in our story and we thought about what the panda bear and the orangutan would be hoping for on their journey home. ‘I would like a tall tree to climb and swing in’ dreamt the Orangutan or ‘I hope for a bamboo plant to eat’ wished the Panda bear.

We have completed our PE learning in Gymnastics and Tri golf and also enjoyed some fun Christmas PE games on the field! We competed in our house teams to do an obstacle course using our new skills and had to be quickest to successfully get all ‘Santa’s presents in his sack’.
We have completed a quiz about online safety and talked about what this means.
Finally, the children enjoyed some Christmas assemblies and activities – making a seasons calendar and a card which we hope you enjoy. We also enjoyed our treat for winning the ‘Battle of the readers’ competition – thank you Miss Band!

Seasons Greetings! We have really enjoyed sharing the advent build up with you. Rest, have fun, stay safe and we really look forward to seeing you ready for 2021 at school.


WC 7th December 2020.

In maths we have been exchanging with 2 digit number, finding and making number bonds to 20 and 100 and adding three 1 digit number.
The white rose links for further home learning are below:
Week 9 - Number: Addition & Subtraction | White Rose Maths

In English we have created fact files about our mystery creature – the extinct dodo! We have used different sentence types and written some interesting facts. Children continue to compose sentences and check their own work back. We finished the week acting out verbs and writing some commands!
As Artists we have researched the work of Antony Gormley (the British sculpture), we looked at his work and thought about our own sculptures. We painted a base for our 3D sculpture and improved our work. We thought about what media we had used and if we found it tricky or easy.

We have enjoyed our NOWPRESSPLAY immersive learning on PSHE Online safety. 

We have been enjoying our daily interactive advent calendar and of course the finale of the week – the ‘Santa dash’ on the field! It was very muddy but our runners did an amazing job and it was lots of Christmas fun!


WC 30th November 2020.

In maths we have worked really hard adding and subtracting our two 2digit numbers.
The white rose links for further home learning are below:

In English we have started reading a new book ‘The Journey Home’ by Fran Preston. We came into school to find different animal footprints and had to identify them! We then chose suitable adjectives for each animal and created missing posters to try and find that animal. We need to find out what the missing animal is so we have shared our posters and hope an expert will help…

In our twisted Fairy-tale topic as Artists we have continued exploring sculpture. We have looked at sculptures work and had a go at using different media to sculpt. We created some foil knights/ princes or Kings!

In RE we continue our learning about Christianity and had a special visitor. Advent has begun and we have enjoyed opening our daily class calendar and spotting random acts of kindness amongst our classmates and teachers!

Finally, what an exciting surprise to see so much snow! Rather than just watch from the window we wrapped up warm and made the most of the snow on our amazing school field. Everyone enjoyed catching snowflakes and even made a few tiny snow balls!

WC 23rd November 2020.

In maths we have continued with addition and subtraction using different methods. We have started to add two 2digit numbers.
The white rose links for further home learning are below:

In English we have completed writing our own ‘innovated’ story about Jim and the Beanstalk. Great use of writing skills year 2.

In our twisted Fairy-tale topic as Historians we have considered what we would include in a job description for a King or Queen! We have also started to explore Sculptures in Art. We experimented with clay to make crowns. In RE we continue our learning about Christianity.
We have completed our Autumn term assessments and shown great resilience. Advent begins next week and some 'nice' elves (Mrs SB, Kirsty and Mrs Mawson) have been busy decorating the classroom with our Year 2 Christmas tree!

WC 16th November 2020.

In maths we have worked hard on our Addition and Subtraction! We have been adding and subtraction tens and started to add a 2 digit number and a 1 digit number.

The white rose links for further home learning are below:

In English we started the week using some super role play between the Giant and our new character Jess. We thought about how we would use speech. We have also been busy writing a thank you letter from our Giant.  By the end of this week we began writing the start of our own ‘innovated’ story.

We have done a great job with our spellings and two times tables this week.  Keep working on these as it is fantastic to see the correct spellings being applied in our writing!  Well done for all the reading at home – remember every time you read you are entered in the competition to win a book out of our new School Reading Vending Machine!

In our twisted Fairy-tale topic we have been Historians this week! We have completed writing facts about John McCrae for Armistice Day. We have also started been thinking about what we mean by ‘Monarchy’ and read the story of ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ by Robert Munsch.  We have been in role as a King or a Queen and sorted pictures of British Kings and Queens onto a timeline.

In PE we are becoming experts at Tri-Golf.

Finally we also had the opportunity to see a ‘pantomime’ of the Wizard of Oz in our school which caused lots of giggles!



November 2020 Reading Competition!

This term we have started a ’30-day Reading Battle’ between Year 2 and Year 1!

Of course, Year2 plan to win so we need your help! All your child needs to do is read as regularly as they can! Each time they read we will mark if off on their grid. It is a team effort by the whole class and the class that has read the most times wins!


We will continue to change books in class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you need to change your home reading book more often of course we will do this with you.


WC 9th November 2020.

A great start back after half term Year 2! Including all the fun of our ‘Children in Need’ charity fundraising. Thank you!

In maths we have continued our learning in Addition and Subtraction! We have started to use methods to add and subtract and been using our number bonds to help us.

If you want to keep working on these the white rose links are below:

In English we have completed our story ending about ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ by Raymond Briggs. We have also been thinking about spelling patterns for verbs in the past tense. Finally, we are getting ready to ‘innovate’ our story so we have a new character who faces different problems when she meets the Giant!

Please continue to learn your tricky spellings and times tables. Remember details for the next weeks test are in the back of your reading journal. It is 2 times tables next week!

In our twisted Fairy-tale topic we have been Geographers this week! We have been studying different images including forests, mountains, castles, cottages, paths and waterfalls from the Black forest and discussing which Fairy-tale they came from.  We have studied the map, located the UK and also the Black forest. We have sorted the physical and human features you can find there.

We have also taken time to reflect on Remembrance Day and think about its importance. We have read the Poem ‘In Flanders Field’ by John McCrae as we are preparing to write some facts about him – contributing to whole school activities for Armistice Day.

WC 19th October 2020.


What a fantastic last week of term!  Thank you for a great start to our school year so far. Great to see all the costumes today!

Enjoy some time to play, rest and spend time with family and friends.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you back on Monday 9th November.

Please return in PE kits as usual for an active start!

In maths we have stretched our brains and been counting in 3s. We have also started our learning in Addition and Subtraction! We have began fact family work and checking calculations and we will continue this next term.  For further learning on this see the white rose maths link:


If you want to keep working on times tables during the holidays try your 2s next (then 5s and 3s!) Recite these, write them out and answer questions in any order. Set yourself challenges against a timer!

 For a bit of fun any of these links will help you practice:

For printable sheets for all of them try:


In English we have continued reading the book ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ by Raymond Briggs. We have been extending our sentences to make them longer using ‘but’. For example: Jim was helpful but the Giant wanted to eat him! We have also been retelling the story and there has been some lovely written work.

We are working on forming our capital letters correctly. We have sent some handwriting along with the weekly spellings this week. Mrs SB, Mrs Mawson and I have all been super impressed with the effort with spellings over the last few weeks – I’ve never known a class who enjoy a spelling test so much! Well done!

In our twisted Fairytale topic we have enjoyed design and technology by exploring different homes and their features. The children had fun making their own home using recycled materials. They designed a ‘fairy tale home fit for a Giant or for our character of Jim’.  They made doors with hinges, measured and adapted their ideas. Lots of mess from cardboard, tape and glue but happy faces!

Why don’t you take your design skills further and design another fairytale home during the holidays? Remember any unwanted recycling materials could be used. (Check with your grown up first!) Remember to take a photo please show us when we come back to school.



WC 12th October 2020.

What a busy week! Everyone has done really well to keep up the pace as we draw closer towards half -term. 

In maths we have continued our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have also introduced our times tables and had fun doing an active maths lesson where the children had an obstacle times table course where they had to have a go to answer questions! It was lots of fun! The drizzly weather didn't stop us!

Next week we are testing our 10 times tables on Friday. If you want to keep working on these try this link to help you: For printable sheets try:

In English we have continued our twist in the tale theme by reading the book ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ by Raymond Briggs. It's a fabulous story and has made us all giggle! We have been making predictions and explaining what we think that will happen next and why we think it. We have been thinking about the characters (The Giant and the boy Jim) and their thoughts and feelings at different points in the story. My favourite lesson this week was finding rhyming words for Fum! The children made amazing Giants, taking turns to bellow Fi-Fi-Fo-Fum in very gruff voices! I’m sure Mr Clay heard them in his bubble! 

Can you change the consonants and find different -um words? Have a go? One of ours was:
I like human in my tum!

We continue to always check our work and we always need to make sure we include capital letters correctly! Have some fun playing on this game to keep practising!

In our twisted Fairy Tales Topic, for now, we have finished our learning about animals. We enjoyed looking at the structure of animals and labelling an Owl. We then had fun following instructions to draw our own forest owl! What good artists we have in year 2! I am discovering lots of talent! We even managed to explore what trees we may find in a forest. For further learning about the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees have a go at the lesson on the National Oak Academy website:

We also continue to practise our daily phonics :) Super progress! Keep reading year 2!


C 5th October 2020.

The weather has got cooler so please do not forget to bring a coat and wear warmer PE clothing. We will continue to play outside at break times and have PE on the field on a Monday and Wednesday.

In maths we have been comparing and ordering our numbers and checking our place value knowledge with mixed questions. We are now counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Do this at home as much as you can too! Why not click on the attached link to watch the white rose maths lessons on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Stretch your learning and count in 3s.

In English we have enjoyed the story of Goldilocks and Just One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson. We had lots of great ideas for our own sequel to the traditional Fairytale for when Goldilocks grows up to be an adult! Many children thought Goldilocks would become famous, others thought she would work in a restaurant (and be the best porridge maker!) or a hairdresser. Lots thought she would live in a town or city and her new home sounded lovely with fancy chairs, bean bags and soft beds! The children have all made a story plan and worked really hard to write a story. They have also been busy editing their own work – fantastic authors!

In our twisted Fairy Tales Topic learning we have started to learn about different animals, especially those that live in a forest. We have been exploring and reasoning with our animal science vocabulary - mammals, birds, reptiles and what a ‘vertebrate’ is. We have also considered if they are omnivores, carnivores or herbivores. There has been some interesting conversations about food chains.
There is a great series of lessons on the National Oak Academy website if you would like to extend your learning further. Click on the link about the animal Kingdom. Lesson 5 looks at the differences between mammals and birds and lesson 6 looks at the different types of food animals eat.

Thank you for all the prompt responses for our Parents /Teacher telephone consultation evening on Tuesday 13th October.

WC 28th September 2020.


In maths we are attaining our place value learning and the teachers are forever challenging the children with the next task! We have used place value charts and continue to use resources to help us but we are also recording all our answers carefully in our books.  Lots of children are starting to use reasoning and problem-solving skills! Keep this up Year 2 – we know it is tricky!

In English we have started our latest text “Me and You” by Anthony Browne. We have had great fun comparing and contrasting the stories.  We all found it interesting to read a story that is set in a city rather than a deep, dark forest! Everyone is still working hard on capital letters, writing using ascenders and descenders and checking those key spellings!

Remember spellings are now given weekly – keep working on these everyone 😊

In our twisted Fairy Tales Topic learning we continue to learn about seasons.  We have been thinking about the weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies. We have also enjoyed reading and exploring some short seasonal weather poems and had a go at writing our own Autumn Poem. Beautiful job Year 2!

Keep reading! Remember to talk about the meaning of any new words you are reading in order to improve vocabulary.



WC 21st September 2020.


In maths we have now been using part whole models lots to represent our whole (big) number and partition our number into tens and ones and also partition in different ways.  We are using addition sentences to help us.

In English Mrs Mawson made a second surprise appearance in our English lesson – this time she was in the role of Goldilocks! She really was born to be on the stage! She was most upset that we thought she was rude and naughty and she promised never to break into the Three Bear’s house again! We helped her by writing apology letters in the role of Goldilocks. We have also been working hard on our handwriting and after a little editing of our letters we presented these in our best writing. Great stamina for writing year 2!

In our twisted Fairy tales Topic learning we have been thinking about seasons.  We have enjoyed using our senses to explore the season Autumn. We have been thinking about the changes across the seasons and how the weather changes.




WC 14th September 2020.


In maths we are continuing to count within 100 and we have been using lots of different types of resources to help us count and represent our numbers. We have been partitioning our number into tens and ones.

In English we have been re-telling the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears and we have  used amazing sentence starters to tell the story verbally and in our writing. I especially loved: 

Far, far away there lived a little girl called….

One day she…


We are working really hard on our phonics sounds and blending our words. We have also all been thoroughly enjoying our small group reading each day. Some great speedy reading of high frequency and trickier words!

Mrs SB has been super impressed with everyone bringing their daily reading record in. Remember we will change your reading books Mondays, Wednesdays Fridays 😊

Keep up the great reading!


Information is now on online (Google Classroom) and we have been showing children how to use this in class. More to follow…

We have also started to think about our new topic ‘Twisted Fairytales’…

Where do you think a Fairytale should be set?




WC 7th September 2020.


It has been lovely to have a full week as a year 2 class.  Everyone is settling in really well and having a ‘super start’ to September!


We have continued to be busy thinking about our class rules and why these are important, especially focussing on why we need to stay safe in our school and make others feel safe.


We have explored how to be a good friend, shared any worries and thought about the importance of positive feelings.


In maths we have been recapping on our counting skills, counting forwards and backwards and in tens and ones.


We have started to count within 100 and looked at the most accurate and efficient ways to do this. We are reading and writing numbers in numerals and words. Have a look at the maths sticker at back of your reading record to keep rehearsing reading and writing those number words!


In English we are reading the Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Lauren Child. We have been using adjectives to describe Goldilocks and thinking what kind of character she is! We were surprised to smell delicious porridge as we came back into the classroom after play time…but sadly Baby Bear’s porridge had all been eaten up! PC Mawson (also known as Mrs Mawson to us!) was soon on the case and we decided to write WANTED POSTERS to help find naughty Goldilocks!


We have got straight on with our phonics and reading and the children have impressed all the staff with their positive attitude to this. Well done Year 2!




Useful information:



Please can you read with a grown up at home at least three times a week. This only needs to be for approximately 10 minutes.

Then talk about the book, any new words you have read and what they mean. Discuss the story. We generally encourage you to read your book more than once to build up your fluency (accuracy and speed).

We will be changing books in class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you need to change your home reading book more often of course we will do this with you.

Everyone will have a home reading book and reading journal to record reading progress. Please ask your grown up to initial or sign when you have read at home.

These books will not always be fully decodable with phonics sounds so ask your adult to help.


You may also be given a 'Read Write Inc' story reading book (which is the book you will be reading in your smaller phonics reading sessions each morning at school). This will change generally once a week. Please also read this at home. This book is decodable with phonics sounds. It will have 'green words' children can rehearse sounding out and trickier 'red words' to rehearse.


Spellings will be given out on Fridays.  These will be stuck in the back of the reading record.

Spelling tests will be the following Friday.


Online learning - Google Classroom.

A username and login will be stuck in the back of the reading record with instructions on how to access google classroom online.