Summer Term 2019


     Welcome back for the final term in Year 5! This week we have begun looking at Measure as part of our final area of Maths. We have been measuring perimeter of rectilinear shapes. In English, we are learning skills that are important when writing an explanation text. Alongside this we have been revisiting apostrophes and conjunctions.

In History we are learning about World War 2, we have discovered how it is believed World War 2 began. 

In science we are continuing to look at Humans and Animals and their habitats - last term we visited the outdoor garden area - this was during warm weather. The outlook for next week is wet so we are hoping to visit again to compare what bug and insets we see.

We have also read chapters 1 and 2 of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas as part of our History link novel.



Our first full week of the term has been fantastic! We have been using protractors (for the first time). I have been extremely impressed with the adaptability and resilience to learn and develop their skills - the children are working independently to measure a variety of angles accurately.

We have begun learning skills for biographies in English. Our initial biography is going to be a fictional biography based around Joey (the horse) in War Horse.

In History, we have been learning more about World War One - this time we looked at who joined whose 'team' and an initial introduction in to the trenches. We wrote a short story based around this.


Welcome back to the final term of year 5! I hope you have had a lovely Easter break and are ready to learn!!

This week, we have been beginning our journey in to Geometry. We are looking at angles and turns. The children have been learning clockwise and anti-clockwise, 90, 180 and 270 degree turns.

In English, we have begun a novel study of our novel: War Horse. We are reading chapters and answering comprehension questions - delving in to the book and reading 'in between the lines'.

We have linked our English with our topic of World War One - this week we have looked at how WW1 begun.