Spring Term 2017

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Week commencing 20th March 2017

What an amazing day!

Despite the rain, we have had a fantastic day at Belton House. We spotted some lovely spring flowers and the daffodils were lovely.

We had lunch in the stables then went on to the adventure playground. We hope to do a return visit in the summer when hopefully the weather will be kinder and the children (and adults) returning home less wet and muddy!!!



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Week commencing 13th March 2017

This week we have been doing some research and writing about robins. This links to the little robin we met in the story of The Secret Garden.

We have been exploring non-fiction books in our Guided Reading and so we can use those skills now in some non-fiction writing.

Ask your child what they have learnt about robins.

In maths, the children are enjoying our learning of statistics and have been able to complete a tally chart and can explain what the information mean in the table. We have also drawn some block graphs using information we have gathered together. We will be visiting St Deny’s Church also to gather some information and put it into charts and graphs.


Key                            =  2 children


_________________ children chose green.


_________________ children chose red.


_________________ children chose pink.


_________________ children chose yellow.


________________ more children chose green than yellow.


__________________ children in the class.



Week commencing 6th March 2017

What a busy week!

We have finished our story on The Secret Garden, which we have really enjoyed. This has helped us to find out questions about a text and to discuss our own thoughts about a stry.

We will continue with reading comprehension in preparation for the Year 2 tests later in the year.

When you read with your child at home, asking questions can really help with the deeper understanding of the story or piece of text they are reading.

We are continuing our experiments in science looking at how plants grow and what they need to survive. Our bean plants are also starting to grow which is exciting to watch.

Please send in any pictures of anything you may be growing at home!

In maths we have finished our work on shape and will now be moving on to statistics. This will focus on charts and the information that the charts are telling us.

In the zoo they have four different types of animal, lions, sharks, ducks and tortoises. The pictogram shows how many they have of each animal. See if you can answer the questions using the data on the pictogram.



Lions Sharks Ducks Tortoises


  1. How many ducks are there?
  2. How many sharks are there?
  3. How many animals live in the zoo altogether?
  4. The zoo has 3 lions, what else do they have 3 of?
  5. How many more sharks do they have than lions?
  6. How many tortoises and ducks do they have altogether?
  7. The zoo gets two more tortoises, how many does it have now?


Week commencing 27th February 2017

This week the children have visited the Library and been able to spend some time looking at and sharing books. We have focused particularly on non-fiction books.

Remember that you can join the library for free and borrow books from there to enjoy at home.



There were some fantastic costumes on World Book Day, thank you parents for all the effort.

In maths we have been sorting shapes into their different properties. Try this at home with your child.

To use a Carroll diagram to sort shapes.


All straight sides or edges.

Not all straight sides or edges.










Please write the shapes in the correct box:

Cone, square, triangular based pyramid, sphere, rectangle, pentagon, circle, cylinder.


Week commencing 20th February 2017

We hope you’ve all had a lovely half term and a HUGE thanks for all of the homework projects that have been brought into school. They all look amazing and we appreciate all the work you have done very much. 

The Secret Garden book has already captured our imagination and as well as reading the book, we have been focusing on understanding a text through comprehension questions.

Please ask your children to tell you about the story so far.

In maths we have started looking at 2D and 3D shapes and our science learning will be exploring plants and growing so if there are any good gardeners out there then let us know.

In Science we have planted runner bean seeds and we are watching them closely as they begin to grow.  Ask the children how their individual seeds are doing.

Week commencing 6th February 2017

As always, we’ve had a very busy term!


Our literacy focus on Julia Donaldson has enabled the children to produce some wonderful pieces of work. We have researched and found about this famous author, which we then wrote into a piece of non-fiction as well as some amazing character descriptions.


In maths we have done lots of practical sessions to explore fractions and measurement. The children have made good progress.



After half term, we will be learning about shape and statistics, including different charts and graphs.

Our English will be based around the book ‘The Secret Garden’. The children in Year 2 will be taking their SATs during May and so reading stamina and being able to comprehend a text will really support them in preparation for this.

In Science, we will be learning about plants and growing and in RE we will be finding out about the Christian festival of Easter.

Have a wonderful half term.


Week commencing 23rd January 2017

This week we have been finding out about Julia Donaldson. Who she is, where she lives and why she loves writing children’s books.

Ask your child to tell you some interesting facts!

The information gathered will now be used to write a piece of non fiction about Julia Donaldson.

 In maths we have been exploring measurement. As we learn how many cm in a m and ml in a litre and using these to solve a variety of word problems.

 Our unit on measurement will move on to time next week.


Week commencing 16th January 2017


This week we have been reading The Singing Mermaid, which we then used to do some creative writing of our own. The children really used their imagination to create some descriptive sentences using adjectives and conjunctions.  We then went on to read ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ and used our writing skills to describe the character of Shen. Again, we had some wonderful writing. A huge well done to the children.

In maths we have been measuring using all sorts of objects and equipment.  The children have really enjoyed a variety of practical investigations using litres, kilograms, metres and deciding which unit of measure to use for each different object.  Learning can be so much fun!






Week commencing 9th January 2017


Our term has started well and we are already full swing into our new topics.

In maths we have been exploring multiplication and division. The children have engaged brilliantly with this and have enjoyed a variety of methods in furthering their learning. This included sharing chocolate, which we all especially enjoyed.

In English, we have started our Topic on Julia Donaldson. We all enjoyed reading ‘Paper Dolls’ where we explored the character and how we can use description in our sentences. Our next story was ‘The Singing Mermaid’ where we included conjunctions in our writing to extend our ideas and make our writing more interesting. We will also be researching the author and what she enjoys about writing books.