Autumn Term 2017

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W.C. 11th December 2017


This week in English, the children have worked extremely hard to write their own set of instruction on How to Train a Dragon. I have been particularly impressed with how they have shown skills that they have learnt throughout their work! Great effort by all.

In Maths, the children have finished their unit of addition and subtraction. The children started the week by looking at different checking strategies to ensure that they are able to see if their answers are appropriate and accurate. They then all took their post tests which has shown the progess they have all individually made! Next term it is multiplication and division - so get practicing on those times tables! Don't forget to use TTRockstars to help.

In Science, we did an experiment to see which material would muffle sound the most. The children made their own predictions and gave good explanations for why they thought that. They then indepedently investigated whether cotton wool, bubble wrap, tin foil, cling film or a paper towel could absorb the sound. We found out that is was definitely the cotton wool as it cushioned the vibrations!

In Topic, the children began to use their D&T skills to construct a Viking Longboat using card. They were able to follow a set of instructions to create some authentic looking boats! They will complete these next week.

A massive well done to the children for keeping their enthusiasm this week, it's been tricky with all the Christmassy events. I hope you're all looking forward to your treat of the Pantomime next week!


W.C. 4th December 2017

In English this week, the children have continued to look in depth at the features of instructions. On Monday, the children used their picture instructions to write instructions with our focus being on imperative (bossy) verbs. The children could identify these well and even give me some instructions on what to do using them! They also worked on editing and improving a set of really bad instructions. They could explain what features were needed to develop them and make them more effective for the reader. We then spent Wednesday and Thursday practicing how to use apostrophes for possession - a very important skill that we have to learn in Year Four. The children have worked hard to complete this. Next week, we will be working on writing our own instructions for Hiccup to follow. 

In Maths, we looked at using a range of checking strategies including using the inverse. We can now confidently find missing numbers using this and reason well with our answer on how we found them. We have also spent a while solving problems including addition pyramids. When the children first looked at this, they were very confused, but soon they were able to use their addition and subtraction understanding to solve this. We have also looked at efficient subtraction. This has involved us looking at which subtraction method is the most appropriate based on the question we are given. We can use column subtraction, adjustment and number lines (counting on ) to help us solve questions in a range of ways. We are almost ready to take our post-tests!

In ICT, we finally completed our electronic toy designs. We were able to use scratch to design our toys and then used the scripting functions to make them different to one another. Some of ours talked, some moved and some even spat out fire! The children then thought of names for their creations. Great work guys!

In Art, we worked hard to finish our products for the Christmas Fayre which we hope you have all enjoyed! The reindeers were made using card with straws and cups which we designed ourselves using a range of materials! It was so much fun to make and we hope you enjoyed them. 

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Fayre as much as we did!

Things to remember: Christmas Dinner is on Thursday and our Christmas Service is next Friday.

W.C. 27th November 2017

In English, the children have completed their biographies on Cressida Cowell - I was extremely impressed with the maturity that the children are beginning to show towards their writing especially when it comes to editing and self assessing. We have since moved on to looking at instructions. On Tuesday, we got to test out a series of instructions for card games. Some of the instructions were really difficult to read and understand because of the lack of features that they had. We then moved on to look at what a good set of instructions were like and what features they must have in them so that the reader can understand what to do! On Friday, we got to have some hands on fun by making some jam sandwiches. The children were given some jam, butter, bread, a knife and plate and were told to make jam sandwiches. They were all able to do some really great group work and from this, they made a set of picture instructions (they were challenged to only use 30 words!)

In Maths, we turned our attention to money. We have been able to add large amounts of money and subtract them too using what have learnt from column method in the previous weeks. The children were also able to represent and answer questions that were posed from bar model too. Towards the end of the week, we began to look at ways we can subtract from whole numbers easily e.g. from £10.00. We learnt that we could do some long exchanging or we could adjust our number to make it easier to subtract from. Next week, we will be looking at the inverse!

In Topic, the children did some excellent research of Viking Gods. We first looked at a few together and discussed where we may have heard about them before. A lot of the children were able to relate to Thor from the Avengers! The children then set off and did their own research on a Norse god or goddess of their choosing. They created a mini fact file on them and drew a picture too - great work all round!

In Art, we have been continuing to create our Christmas Fayre projects ready to show you next week! The children have been working extremely hard to design things that they think will interest children and adults into buying. We hope you stop by our stall next week!

Don't forget: The fayre starts at 2 next week!

I cannot believe that we are now in December! Only 2 and half more weeks until a well deserved break for the children, but until then, we will continue to be working hard!

W.C. 20th November 2017

Another week of this term has flown by with all the hard work we've been doing!

In English this week, the children have been busy planning and then writing their drafts for their biographies of Cressida Cowell - they will be editing these and then writing them up in neat on Monday. We will then begin to look at our new topic of instructions.

In Maths, we have spent the week looking at column subtraction. We know now what we have to do when we have number that is bigger than the one we are taking away from - EXCHANGE! I have been impressed with the children's determination to tackle the larger numbers with ease and being able to engage with the reasoning and problem solving questions.

In Science, we looked more at sound. This week we explored sound waves a little more and how we can make high pitched sounds and low pitched sounds. The children were able to use previous vocabulary that they had learnt including key words such as vibration to explain what types of items create high pitch sounds and low pitch sounds. We then made our own pan pipes using straws to demonstrate this!

In Topic, we learnt all about the first known Viking invasion at Lindisfarne! The children learnt about how the Vikings began the attack, what weapons they used and who they attacked. They then decided whether to take on the persona of a monk who was attack or a Viking who did the attacking! They all wrote some fantastic diary entries detailing what happened and how they were feeling.

In R.E. we looked at the story of Mohammed. We learnt about how we became known as Allah's prophet and how he spread the message given to him by the Angel Gabriel in the cave. We learnt about his mission to unite the people of Mecca and to make new laws that protected the poor and needy.

W.C. 13th November 2017

I have just about got all the custard out of hair ready to tell you about all the things we have done this week!

In English, we have been continuing to look at biographies! This week we looked at the different ways a biography could be presented, for example: timelines and online biographies! We then created timelines in pairs to document a famous person's life. We also looked at autobiographies and could compare the differences in the features well - we even had a go at writing our own 'mini' autobiographies about our own lives. They were very fun to read! On Friday, we began to research the author of 'How to train your Dragon' Cressida Cowell using the ipads. This is in preparation for our big write next week!

In Maths we have continued to look at addition and subtraction. We have spent the week solely looking at written addition this week. We first looked at column method without any carrying and solely proceeded throughout the week so that we can all confidently use multiple exchanges and carries! We even looked at bar model too and how this can show relationships between numbers!

In Science we studied how sound travels through our ear. We were able to recall that vibrations are how sound is made and looked more in depth and the parts of our ears. We all labelled the diagrams with the correct names and could describe the journey of sound.

In Topic, we have continued to look at the Viking settlers. This week we have focused on working on refining our chronological skills - we could all use our ordering from maths to place the dates correctly and then we replacated this on our own timelines.

We have also started to design our projects for the Christmas Fayre! We won't give too much away but you're in for a festive treat!

Thanks to all the parents who came to 'Prank the Teachers' on Friday and to all the children who dressed up so fantastically for Children in Need - we raised lots of money!

W.C. 6th November 2017

Welcome back! The new term has begun and we are already in full swing - it won't be long til it's Christmas!

This term in English we will be continuing to read 'How to Train your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell. For the first few weeks, we are going to be concentrating on biographies! We have looked at the features of biographical writing this week as well as using a biography to record key events of an authors life! We have also been busy this week doing a reading paper and a SPAG test which, I am pleased to say, the children did well in!

In Maths we are starting to look at addition and subtraction. This will continue with the mastery element too. This week, we have looked solely at mental methods and how to use different strategies to solve calculations! We have looked at using number facts we already know, place value additions, partitioning and counting on to solve problems.

In Science, we have started a new topic of sound! We had so much fun this week looking at what sound is. We could all explain at the end of the lesson that it was created by vibrations! To learn about this, we had a go at creating sound using instruments including drums and maracas. We then even got to have a go at playing the steel drums too! 

In ICT we have begun to create an electronic toy! We are designing our own toys in pairs using Scratch and will begin to use programming tools to show how our toys would function using movement and sound! The children all really enjoyed creating different toys and thinking of ways their design would be different from other children's.

In Art, we are continuing to focus on Islamic Art by perfecting our Prayer Mats which will then go on display in the classroom. We have been looking carefully at using different patterns and geometric designs as well as coloured squares of paper to make sure it is colourful!

W.C. 9th October 2017

Another busy week in Year Four. We are gearing up for the last week of term, but still working hard! 

This week in English, we have been continuing to learn about non-chronological reports. We have been concentrating on looking at a little more comprehension as well as deciphering facts and opinions. We have also been able to use expanded noun phrases in our writing and even did some research on dragons! This is in preparation for our big write next week! 

In Maths, we have continued to look a little more at sequences. This week we could work out sequences that used a range of representations. It was a bit of a challenge for the children, but they all worked hard to crack it! Towards the end of the week, we looked at identifying, representing and estimating numbers on a number line. We were very good at estimating, it was the identifying we found tricky! On Friday, we recapped partitioning. By the end of the lesson, we could partition one number in a range of ways.

In Science this week we looked at switches. We found out that there is more than one type of switch and the children could give examples of when we might use them. For example, the pulley switch is often used in bathroom lighting! The children then created circuits to work out if the switch would work or not. 

In Topic, we finished writing up our biographies on Alfred the Great. The children were able to use the facts they had learnt as well as subheadings to organise the information correctly. They were able to use dates as well to help their chronology. In Art, we have continued to look at Islamic designs. As we created our own prayer mats a few weeks ago, we are using these designs to make big prayer mats. We are thinking carefully about the motifs you may see and geometric designs too!

Finally, a big thank you too all the parents who came to Parents' Evening last week, it was lovely to speak to you and share with you the progress of your children!

Reminder: On Friday afternoon, we shall be having an inter-house competition! 

W.C. 2nd October 2017

We're in October!

This week in English we finally completed our adventure stories! We can't wait to show them at parent's evening! All of the children have thought carefully about their sentence structures and using speech well to create a coherent story. We then moved on to non-chronological reports. This week we have been able to identify features of a report and understand the need for subheadings and headings too! We also spent some work doing complex sentences, the children could identify different clauses in the sentences.

In Maths, we have spent the week getting to grips with Roman Numerals! We can read and write Roman Numerals into the tricky thousands too! Some of us could use this knowledge to calculate sums too. We know that Romans didn't have zero in their place value system. We then spent a little bit of time looking at sequences which we will continue to look at next week!

In Science, the children were able to build their own circuits. They could identify the different parts needed including wires, bulbs, batteries (cells) and some even learnt about switches too! We  made predictions for when the circuits would work and when they wouldn't and came to the conclusion that the circuit needed to be complete in order for our bulbs to light! We will be doing some more next week!

In Topic, we used our research from last week to begin to write a biography about Alfred the Great. We used subheading to organise the information and understood that it needed to be chronological order! We will be finishing these next week too!

Reminder: Parent's evening is on Tuesday from 3.20!

W.C. 25th September 2017

Wow, what a jam packed and exciting week we have had! 

In English this week we have been busy working on our big writes. We have all written an adventure story detailing Hiccup's decision to get a new dragon! We were then able to edit them using peer and self assessment. We will get to write these up neatly next week ready for Miss Brand to assess them!

In Maths, we have mastered rounding! We can all round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 with increasing accuracy. We are able to explain why we round up or down and can understand which columns we must look at when we are rounding. Some of us even completed a challenge using decimal numbers too!

In Topic, we were busy preparing for our Harvest Festival. Because we made scarecrows last week in Art, this week we each made an acrostic poem to go with them! We were able to use personification, similes and adverbs of manner, time and place to describe what a scarecrow is and how he does his job. We then got to present all of our hard work in our Harvest Festival assembly on Thursday!

Even more excitingly, we were very lucky to be joined by Mighty Zulu Nation on Friday! We had 3 different workshops with them. The first one they showed us how they dance and sing, then we took part in a whole school dance and singing workshop where we got to listen to their music and finally we learnt a Zulu Tribe dance! We all had so much fun and we really hope they come back next year!

What a week! Looking forward to the next one!

W.C. 18th September 2017

It may be week 3, but we are still working as hard! This week has been jam packed!

In English, we have looked a little bit more at speech and most of us can now confidently punctuate direct conversations correctly. The children also did some work on fronted adverbials which I was very impressed with! They could all sort adverbs into the correct groups: place, manner and time. We then wrote sentences about the story including them. We used these to write a setting description too! On Friday, we planned our adventure stories ready for our Big Write next week!

In Maths, we completed our work on ordering numbers and this time we were able to use a variety of representations of numbers! The children did fantastic reasoning work too! They were able to find 1000 more and less than numbers and began to do some rounding of 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10. We even gave decimals a go! We will be working more on this next week!

In Science, we learnt about how we can and should be safe when using electricity. We could explain the hazards that we might find in everyday life and we then created safety posters so that we could make others aware too! The children understood how to make sure we caught children's attention by using key words and bright colours.

In RE this week we looked at Islamic Prayer mats. We looked at the various designs that they had on them including mosques, arabic writing and geometric patterns. We learnt about their purpose and understood that Muslims have to wash before they use them and must face Mecca when they pray. We then designed our own ones!

In Art we began to make our projects for the Harvest Festival which we can't wait to show next Thursday! We will be doing some writing about this next week!

We hope you can join us at the Harvest Festival celebration on Thursday 28th at 2pm!

W.C. 11th September 2017

Another busy week in Year Four and the children have continued to impress with their maturity and readiness.

In English this week, we have continued to read 'How to Train your Dragon' and our comprehension skills and ability to answer questions on the novel has got so much better! Towards the end of the week, we started to look at direct speech. We know that it is what is spoke n by a character and that it uses inverted commas. We will be continuing to work on this next week.

In Maths we have continued to deepen our understanding of Place Value. We have begun to compare numbers knowing which symbols < > = go where in order for the calculation to be correct. We began to look at ordering numbers which we will practice some more next week. We have also begun to look at what happens when we got below zero and recognise that even though our numbers might look big e.g. -17 they are smaller because they are getting further away from 0.

In Science this week, we explored what the difference is between appliances powered by mains electricity and those powered by batteries. We could explain that those that need mains electricity are usually bigger whereas those that are powered by batteries are able to be mobile. Next week we will be looking at electrical safety!

In Topic, we looked at the everyday lives of the Anglo-Saxons. We then used this information to compare and contrast with our own lives meaning that we could see similarities and differences! We were surprised by some of the jobs that the Anglo-Saxon girls and boys did and that they were treated as adults by the age of 10! In Art, we have continued to work on our Anglo-Saxon shields. They are looking wonderful and are almost ready to go on our display!

Well done on another successful week! Keep it up!

W.C. 4th September 2017

Hello everybody! Welcome to our Year Four page! This week we have had so much fun getting to grips with our new class rules, responsibilities and the new routines that we have!

In English, we have started to read a novel by Cressida Cowell called 'How to Train your Dragon". We made some predictions about the story first and then began to read. Soon, we were able to answer some comprehension questions on the text and then we were ready to design our very own dragon. We came up with exciting names and designs and by Friday we were all set to describe them. I was very impressed with the adjectives, similes and fronted adverbials the children were already able to use!

In Maths, we started our Place Value topic. As with every topic, we took a pre-test to see what we already know and what we need a bit more support with. We then began by looking at the place value of 4 digit numbers. We can all confidently explain the value of each digit and are able to read and write numbers into the thousands too!

In Science, we have begun to explore electricity. In our first lesson, we got to experiment with different objects and tools that use electricity and were able to give our opinions on what made them work. We all had a go at building a circuit and will soon be able to name all of the parts to it.

Our Topic this term is the Anglo-Saxons. We started this unit by looking at the reasons they decided to leave their homelands and journey to Britannia. We could confidently identify which countries they came from and the different groups that made them. Some of us could even identify the areas that they settled in too! Alongside this, we have begun to do some Anglo-Saxon inspired weaving. We are using different coloured wool to make our own Anglo-Saxon shields!

I have been so impressed with the children's hardwork and determination to settle into Year Four. Keep it up!

Reminder: Next week we have P.E. on Tuesday instead of Monday. Our usual Wednesday lesson is as planned.