W/C 7th December


It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas this week!


We have started our Christmas activities this week and have been working hard in our workshop. We have been busy creating our Christmas cards and decorations to take home next week. We have also been writing our Christmas wish lists.


We thoroughly enjoyed our 'Santa dash' on Friday and the children showed great determination to run around the back playground as many times as they could- we listened to Christmas music to keep our spirits high!


We were inspired by Halibut Jackson (from our story) to design our own suit for an occasion of our own choice. The children did a fantastic job at creating their own suit and they used their Phonics to write labels. The children are really progressing well with their writing skills!


I have completed all Phonics assessments this week and the children have blown me away with their progress! I will update you all with your child's progress over the next couple of weeks. I will take in all Reading books this Thursday and hand back out when we return. Please continue to share any story books you have at home over the festive period. If you do not have any story books at home, then please let me know.


Maths- We have been looking at number 5 this week. We really enjoyed watching 'Stampolines' 


My highlight of the week has been asking the children to recall all that they have learnt over the past few weeks. The children amazed me with their knowledge about hedgehogs, squirrels, autumn and weather. Super work Reception!


1.Christmas cards need to be handed in to me by Tuesday 15th as they need to be quarantined for three days before we can hand them back out.
2. Last day of term is Friday 18th December at 3.00pm and we return on Monday 4th January 2021


W/C 30th November 

Another super week in Reception- the weeks are certainly whizzing by!

Literacy: We began reading our new text 'Halibut Jackson.' Halibut Jackson is about a character who is so shy that he blends in to the background wherever he is. To support our understanding of this book, we set up a Drapery role-play area. The children have enjoyed dressing up in different clothes and writing labels for the different items of clothing. Next week, we are going to design our own outfit. Please click on this link to share the story with your child 


Maths: We have been learning about the number 4. We looked at different ways to make number 4 and practiced our subitising skills (recognising a small number of objects in a group without having to count). We discovered a square/rectangle has 4 sides and 4 corners. Watch this number block episode and discuss the number 4 


We are consolidating our skills and we are really looking forward to carrying out the next Phonic Assessment over the next couple of weeks. We really believe that every child has made fantastic progress- they have all been working so hard. I will update you all with your child's progress when I have completed them all.


Thank you for supporting your child with reading at home. We have had our first set of winners for achieving a line on the bingo game. Each child chose a treat out of our prize box. Names were also entered into the vending machine prize draw but unfortunately Reception did not win... this time!


We have also been learning about hedgehogs. We have been learning facts and emailed a lady who looks after poorly hedgehogs. We asked some fantastic questions and she answered them. She also sent us some super cute photos of some hoglets. We used clay to create our own hedgehogs and we will paint them next week.


We will be starting Christmas activities next week- our room now has a beautiful 6ft Christmas tree, which the children helped us to dress. Ho Ho Ho!!


Reminders: Please return all NELI permission forms on Monday.



W/C 23rd November

We have completed our book study on 'Where the Wild Things Are.' We ended by sequencing the six key parts to the story and acting it out as a class. The children amazed us when sequencing the story; they used all the key vocabulary that we have been talking about to re-tell the story.

In Maths, we have been learning about the number 3. We then used our prior knowledge of numbers 1 and 2 to compare. We discovered that a triangle has 3 straight sides. We used x3 double sided counters to learn how 3 is made up of smaller numbers.

This week has been about squirrels. We enjoyed reading 'The Squirrels' Busy Year.' We discovered that in autumn squirrels search for acorns and nuts and bury them in the ground ready for winter. The children have thoroughly enjoyed finding out information about and have asked some fantastic questions. We used books and the internet to find out new information. We watched  which inspired the children to work together to create their own squirrel puzzle. Did you see it in our garden?

We also learnt that squirrels can leap 7 feet from tree to tree. In order to show them how far this is, we used tape measures to mark it out. The children then had a go to see if they could jump that far but unfortunately they couldn't!


W/C 16th November

We have had an even busier week than last week!

In Literacy, we have continued with our story book, 'Where the Wild Things Are,' This week we created our own 'wild things' out of playdough. We used descriptive language to talk about them and used our Phonics to write name labels for each one. Next week will be our final week reading this story- we will finish off by re-telling the story through props and role-play.


In Maths, we have focused on number two. We have represented it in many ways and used story books and Numberblocks to deepen our understanding. We also discovered that numbers are made up of smaller parts. We realised that 2=1+1 or 2= 2+0. Here is the link for an episode of Numberblocks for you to look at- 


At this time of year we usually have the pleasure of visiting Boston Theatre to watch a Christmas Pantomime. As we can not do this, Mr. Clay kindly invited M& M Productions to come into school to perform 'The Wizard of Oz.' The children absolutely loved every minute of it- thank you Mr. Clay for organising this!


This week we also celebrated Diwali and looked at some similarities and differences between other festivals and celebrations.


The children have been interested in making their own masks (inspired from 'Where the Wild Things Are' story). We provided them with plain masks and materials and they created their own for their own stories.


Please keep reading at home!
Reading books will be changed on a Thursday and handed back out on a Monday.


W/C 9th November

 The children have settled well back into school and have been working super hard.

 In Phonics we continue to recap all our Set 1 sounds including ' special friends.' Please help your child to practice the following sounds:


ch, ng, th, nk, th


In Maths we have looked at number 1 in depth. We will be focusing on a number a week to ensure mastery and a deep understanding- we really pull each number apart. This deep understanding provides the building blocks to ensuring every child has a secure understanding of number, ready for accessing National Curriculum in Year 1.


We have been learning about autumn and this week we have focused on autumn leaves. We played spot the difference with a tree from the summer and a tree in autumn. We read the story ' Leaf Man' to support our discussions. We were surprised to learn that there are many types of leaves. We used our autumn bag collections to start identifying which tree they had fallen from.


We also used our leaves to create our own 'Leaf Man'. The children created some fantastic Art work.


We have also been learning about 'Rememberance Day' and painted our own poppies.
I think the best part of the week was when the children had the opportunity to throw wet sponges at Mrs Hughes, Tash and I for Children in Need. The room was full of laughter!



W/C 12th October

This week in Phonics we have learnt the following sounds:

v y w z x

We have nearly completed all our Set 1 sounds. It is now really important that we work together to support your child in learning ALL the sounds. Please use the green book that I sent home to help your child learn the sounds.

In Maths, we have been comparing quantities. We used our previous knowledge of sorting objects and then compared the two different sets. We asked 'Which set has more? Which set has the fewest?' We found understanding 'fewer/fewest' the trickiest. To support our understanding of this new vocabulary, we read 'A Squash and a Squeeze.' We acted out the story and realised that the house felt more spacious with fewer animals inside.

Our Story of the Week has been 'The Colour Monster.' The children have absolutely loved this book and engaged really well in all our discussions. We have discussed different types of feelings and emotions and discovered new vocabulary instead of using the same words such as 'sad' and 'angry'. The children have then created some fantastic Art work and we now have the most brightest display that I have ever seen!


Home Learning: To talk about feelings - Ask you child at the end of each day... What has made you smile today?

W/C 5th Ocotber 2020

In Phonics we have been learning to read and write the following sounds:

e l h r j

We have been practicing to read CVC words such as pop, pin, tip

Our Story of the week has continued to be 'The Three Little Pigs.' We created our own story maps and re-told the story in our own words. We also discussed what type of home we live in and discovered that there are many different type of homes across England.

As a school we have been trialing a new audio resource called now>press>play. Now>press>play is an immersive audio resource that engages the children in the curriculum through emotion, imagination and movement. Every child wore a set of headphones and we immersed ourselves into the story of 'The Three Little Pigs.' We had to become the main characters in the story and act out the story. We really enjoyed building our houses and being the big bad wolf and blowing down the houses. We had great fun and every child smiled the whole way through!

In Maths, we have been learning how complete and make our repeating patterns. We learnt a new song to support our understanding of patterns- 'In and Out the Dusty Bluebells'. Have a look on You Tube and ask your child to sing along. The children loved learning this song with the actions and they continued to practice it in their own play.

Sinking and floating has been an interest this week- we have discovered lots of items that sink and/or float.

Home Learning: Share a story with your child every night and practice the speed sounds on a daily basis.


W/C 28th Septmebr 2020

This week in Phonics we have learnt to read and write the sounds:

c k u b f

We are learning to read simple CVC words such as mat, dad, sad.

Our story of the week has been 'Three Little Pigs.' We have really enjoyed learning the repeated refrains and acting out the story using puppets. We are going to continue to use this book to support our learning about our own homes.

In Maths, we have been sorting out buttons. The children could easily sort by colour but then we discovered we can also sort by shape and size too. The children really enjoyed sorting out my button box and deciding whether they wanted to sort them into two groups of colour, shape or size.

Fairies have been a huge interest this week. The children found a letter in the fairy garden. The children were challenged by the fairies to look after the garden and create some play equipment for them. The children loved this challenge and went onto to create swimming pools, outdoor beds and slides. The children also did some essential gardening maintenance. We then wrote a letter back and are awaiting a reply over the weekend!

To support our PSED and Understanding of the World we also read the story, 'Hair Love.' We discussed how everyone is different including our hair style. We noticed that every child in our class has different hair and we discussed how this makes us unique and special. We discussed that boys and girls can have short or long hair too.

A super week Reception!



W/C 21st September 2020

In Phonics we have been learning to read and write the following sounds:

i n p g o

Our story of the week has continued to be 'All about Families'. In Literacy, we drew our own family and labelled using some of the sounds that we have learnt so far. The children created some fantastic family portraits and it was lovely to hear the children talking about their family.

We began teaching Maths this week and our focus has been matching. We read the story 'Noah's Ark' to support matching and to introduce the vocabulary such as, 'same', 'different' and 'pairs'. Playing snap has also been a highlight of our week.

Alongside our adult guided learning the children have shown a huge interest in pretending to a postman/postwoman. The children have created their own letters and posted them in our post box. We discussed the importance of needing a name, an address and a stamp. We also had a problem; we ran out of envelopes. However, the children had a great idea to make their own. This solved the problem and the children could continue their play. We also read the story, 'The Jolly Postman' to support this interest.

Home Learning:
Please help your child to put on their own coat independently and attempt to do their own zip.


W/C 14th September 2020

We have had another great week in Reception. The children have really started to settle down into their routines and have enjoyed participating in focused learning- especially Phonics.


We have continued our work on families and started to learn that each family is different and unique. We used the book 'All about families' to aid our discussions. We also began to look at ourselves and describe our facial features. We had a go at drawing our own self-portrait.


Pretending to be Fire people has been a massive interest this week. The children have made the most wonderful fire engines outside and some great story telling has been heard. We followed this interest and learnt some more about fire engines and that the emergency number is 999. We also discovered that one of our dads is a fire fighter! We hope to arrange a fire engine visit soon!


We also celebrated Roald Dahl's Birthday. We took part in some 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' themed activities. I was really disappointed that I missed seeing all the fantastic outfits- Tash and Mrs Hughes said they were all great!


Home learning: Please encourage your child to get dressed/undressed as much as possible. This skill is crucial for their own independence when getting changed for P.E.


 Fire engine with water tanks!



We have began our journey to successfully being able to read and write by the time your child leaves Reception.


We follow Read, Write, Inc Phonics in line with the rest of the school.


Every day your child will learn a new sound (not the letter name) and begin to read simple CVC words e.g. mat, tap, mum, dad, map, sat.


We will be sending out letter sound cards for you to practice with your child. It is really important that you review the sounds card on a daily basis to ensure they learn and consolidate their learning at home too.


Please click on the videos to find out the following:


What is RWI Phonics?

Pronouncing the sounds purely and correctly

Supporting Reading at home


Any problems with the videos or if you have any questions then please let me know :)




W/C 7th September 2020

Wow! A fantastic full week in Reception. The children have surprised us all with how well every child has walked into school without their grown ups. We are really proud with how well the children have settled into their new routines and are beginning to make relationships with both adults and children.

The outdoor area has been a huge success and the weather has certainly helped. The children have been busy working together to make dens, being imaginative with our small world garden and building obstacle courses with the crates and wooden planks.

Our book focus this week has been Owl Babies. We enjoyed joining in with the story and acting it out. We began to talk about our own family using our summer holiday photos to support our discussions. We focused on using the past tense when talking about what we did over the summer.

Next week, we are looking forward to starting our Phonics sessions and continuing our work on families.

Please check Tapestry on a regular basis to see what we have been learning and any class reminders.