Autumn Term 2020


WC. 12.10.20


A busy week this week in Year 1. Astrid has sent us an email from space to thank us for our suitcase suggestions and questions about space. Astrid has told all of her friends about our conversations and has asked us to make a book for her friends all about space. We can’t wait to make the book for Astrid!


In maths we have completed our end of unit test and have moved on to the part whole model, where have started to look at addition and how number can come together to make a whole.


We have also continued our topic work this week on fairy tales and have been doing some Design and Technology, designing our own traps to catch the ginger bread men and boats to help the Billy oats over the river.


A great week this week well done everyone. Only 1 week to go!




Everyone has received homework this week, please could we have it returned next Friday.


If you have not yet returned this week’s phonics books please could you send them back on Monday so that we can give new books next week.


Thank you.




W.C 28.9.2020

Another lovely week in Year 1.

This week has been a pretty intense week and started off a little crazy as we had a rocket crash into our Garden. Luckily no one was hurt although we did find a backpack, a globe, a map of the constellations and some ration packs of space food in the crash site. We took the items into school to investigate and discovered that the items belonged to a young girl called Astrid. We came to the conclusion that Astrid must be someone who wants to be an astronaut which was spooky as that morning someone had left a book in the classroom called Astro Girl. Of course, we had to try the space food to see what it was like so we had some space moose and space breakfast.

This week we have been exploring the book and are looking forward to reading the ending next week.

In Math’s we have been continuing with our topic of Place value to 10 and have been looking at comparing numbers that are greater and less than, as well as ordering numbers. Some of us have also been looking at reasoning and problem solving questions to deepen our understanding.

We have continued our learning of fairy tales and this week have been learning about the 3 little pigs. We have looked at different geographical human features which we look forward to exploring on our trip to the market place on Monday.


Phonics books are sent home on Monday’s and MUST be returned on the Friday.

Homework has also been set for the children, this is to support with their independence and learning in Year one. Every child will receive at least one piece of homework a week, the homework will have the date and when it is expected to be returned. Homework must be completed to support your child’s learning.

Within Key Stage One there is also an expectation that children read at home at least twice a week in line with the school homework policy.



W.C 14.9.2020

This week has been a great week and the children have worked really hard! 

In maths this week we have been looking at using our careful counting skills to write numbers. We then moved onto looking at one more and one less, we practiced with our cubes first and no we are experts. We have also been learning lots of new vocabulary such as: less, more, forwards and backwards. 

In english we have continued with our story Cave Baby and have been practicing forming our letters and writing words and sometimes even sentences. We also learnt a new word this week: adjectives. 

We have kept up our learning of fairytales and have been focusing on Cinderella this week learning all about different animals and their classification. 

Keep up the good work year 1, looking forward to next week already! 

Miss Massingham