Spring Term 2021

Week commencing 15th March 

   I am very proud of this incredible young bunch of children: in the face of all the adversity that has gone on in the past year, they have stuck to their learning; showed great resilience and trying their hardest. I have been really impressed with the output of work I am continuing to see. 

   In Maths, we recapped some of our home learning with Multiplication (formal method). In English, we have been reading 'Hidden Figures': the children have been inspired by the incredible four women and what they did and what they stood for. We have some future women leaders in Year 5!

We have been learning about the Space Race in history: looking at who was involved; what happened and who won the race - did anybody win?!?

Week Commencing 8th March 


It is INCREDIBLE to have ALL of the children back to school this week. Naturally, after such a long period of time off, we have allowed children the time and space to adjust back in to school life, completing lots of PSHE and E-safety. We have had a SCIENCE DAY - we were looking at Oxidising apples. We have also assessed the children to find out if there are any gaps in their knowledge from live learning.

Well done to all parents on their teaching at home, and well done to the children on a fantastic first week back!!


It is difficult to find the words to describe the sadness, anger and dismay at having to go in to another school closure, where the children will be without face-to-face learning for another set period of time.

I have ensured I have written the best possible plan to assist every pupil to success the best they can during this lockdown.

Please find the link for my Medium Term Plan. I have ensured the children have a breadth of the curriculum covered as well as sticking to the school's ethos in enhancing the children's cultural capital.

Please work through it sensibly; having plenty of breaks; completing a daily amount of exercise; getting fresh air and moving away from the screen regularly.

We will all be back together in the classroom soon enough - until then you get to see my face for two LIVE classroom sessions a day! :)