Week 9
(30th November 2020)

This week we are excited to share one of our Promise stories that we promised last week. We have really worked hard to reflect the meaning and feelings behind the story. 


In maths we have finished fractions this week and have done loads of application work to apply our skills in different situations. 

We have finished our Crime and Punishment unit and have begun to look at some Andy Warhol printing. Please check back for us to share our prints with you soon. 

Week 7 and 8
(9-20th November 2020)

We have completed our own information texts based on the Maya civilisation and have moved on to explore the idea of promises. Our new text is The Promise (Nicola Davies) - we have been exploring the language and author features in this text ready to write and share some of our own here on the website next week. 

In Maths we have moved on to explore fractions. Manipulating them and finding equivalents as well as adding and subtracting fractions. 

Week 5 and 6
(5-16th October 2020)

We have been looking at a new text in English over the last two weeks. It is focused on a Mayan Pok a Tok player who is challenged to a match by the god Chac. We have spent time reseraching Mayan games as well as creating instruction texts to teach people how to play.

We have also been continuing our four operations work in maths. 

Week 4
(28/9 - 2/10 /2020)

This week we have been continuing our English work by creating our own story based on The unforgotten coat. We have been continuing our look at mastering the four operations by focusing on mulitplication. 

Our topic work has expanded our exploration of nature and we have been looking at adaptations, habitats and plants around us. We then expanded this by planning an experiment about growing plants without seeds. 


Week 3

This week we were looking at creating collages that reflect nature. We explored textures and different ways of creating natural feelings and looks in our work. We then planned and created a collage that reflected nature. 


Week 2


This week we have been continuing our English work around The Unforgotten Coat and have progressed on to the four operations for our Maths work. 
We completed our E-safety work

and then celebrated Roald Dahl day by focusing our artistic and English skills on emulating the famous author. 




Week 1

To start off our new year at school we threw ourselves back in to our English and Maths work in the mornings.
We began our new English writing unit about The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce and began looking at Place Value in Maths. 

We also started our new guided reading text - Oliver Twist 


Most of our topic work has been linked to PSHE and exploring our feelings after the COVID lockdowns and starting a new school year.