W.C 22.2.21


It has been lovely to welcome year 1 back this week even though for some it was virtually.


You have all been working really hard and we have been able to collect some more books in and have seen what you have all been up to whilst at home.


In Maths this week we have continued to look at numbers to 50 and have begun to look at how they can be partitioned into tens and ones. We have also had some fun games of bingo.


In English we have been looking some more at our book ‘dinosaurs and all that rubbish’ and have explored verbs and commands as well as written some predictions about the story.


Our English lessons have linked well with our science as we have been looking at climate change and what we can do to protect our planet.


We have also been enjoying our music lessons looking at pulse and been dancing with Oti.


We are looking forward to welcoming some more of you back next week. We are officially on a 1 week countdown until we can all be in class together again.


Keep going year 1 not long left!




This term has been an interesting whirl wind of a term and the craziest one we have experienced as a team. We want to start by saying well done to all the families in school and out. Every family is different has its own challenges, whether you are juggling different children at home, are caring for a family member, are a key worker supporting with the day to day running of the country, we want to say thank you for your continued support.

Although there are still uncertainties as to what will happen next term we will continue to provide the best support to children that we can both in school and at home and look forward to seeing all after the half term break.

This week we have been working really hard on our counting to 50, this is a tricky task as we haven’t counted this far before. We have all tried really hard counting to the beats of drums, counting stomps and claps and even counting objects at home and in the classroom.

In English we have finished our story of Stanley’s Stick and have been doing some fantastic writing. Earlier on in the week we looked at adverbials and have been producing some fantastic sentences using adverbs and challenging ourselves by placing the adverb in different parts of our sentences.

In topic this week we have been focusing on Geography, and have been learning about where we live and our capital city of London. We have been learning that we live in the continent of Europe and our country is England, we have also looked and explored the different parts of the United Kingdom.

Alongside all of our learning this week we have also had some fantastic virtual visits from some well-known faces. We have been lucky enough to have a live chat with: Tom Percivil (author), Robin Windsor (strictly come dancing), Rachel Rooney (Author and poet), Peter Levy (BBC journalist).

Not only this, we have also had our first, class curriculum day where we spent the whole day learning about Pizza. We started off by making our own pizzas using kits from Little Italy Pizza company, and then learnt about how Pizza is made and where it came from. We also set up our own pizza shops and restaurants taking customers’ orders handling money and having fun!

This term has been an interesting term but a term that has made us proud of all children and families at home.

Again, we would like to say a big thank you to all of you for your continued support.

Please note, due timetables changing we are no longer able to offer the live chat sessions at 1:20pm but we continue to look forward to seeing you all for live lessons.



WC- 1.2.21.


A fantastic week this week everyone.


You have all tried really hard this week and have learnt a lot about Stanley and his stick in English. You have completed some fantastic work on adverbs and are really impressing us with your counting to 20 in Maths.


We hope you are all enjoying your science and music lessons, and are practicing your singing voices.


This week we have also had non screen day. We’d love to hear about what you’ve all been up to.


1 week to go and it’s half term keep going everyone.


WC 25.1.21

Another Well done to all children and parents at home for your continued support with home learning.

This week we have moved onto looking at subtraction within 20 and have learnt new methods for subtraction.

In English we have been looking some more at our book the Odd Egg and we even practised insulting each other. Don’t worry this was all part of our learning and we spoke about whether it was kind or not.

In Science we have been learning about plants, looking at their changes over time, we also learnt some new words such as germination.

Next week we will also be starting our new learning incentive with our live chat hour. Remember, to be invited children MUST be online for BOTH English and Maths lessons. Please refer back to the original email sent for further information.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.


WC- 18.1.21

Well done Year 1.

Another amazing week of live learning. This week we have all been learning how to add numbers to 20 and we have worked super hard.

I have loved seeing all of your work and comments on google classroom as well as working all of you at school.

We have finished learning about animals and all the interesting facts that have come with them and are now starting topic of plants. I can’t wait to learn more with you.

I know it is hard learning from the computer but stick with it year 1 you are doing so well!

As always if there is anything you need or not sure about please let us know via enquiries@sleafordchurchlane.lincs.sch via google classroom or a phone call to school.

Stay safe everyone and have a lovely weekend!


WC 11.1.21

WOW! What a week it has been!

This week has been the first week that we have started our live teaching lessons. The year 1 team are so impressed with all of the children's hard work in all of their learning. We understand that it is a hard time and it has been so lovely seeing all of the children online or in class. 

This week in school and at home we have been exploring our new book Beegu. Beegu has been a little monkey and has been hiding all over school. 

In Maths we have started our new topic of place value to 20 and we are so impressed with all of the children's counting! 

In Science we have been looking at animals and habitats and we have loced seeing all of the pictures of your work at home and hearing about all the facts you have learnt. 

To all of our children, parents, carers, and key workers we say a masssive thank you from the Year 1 team for your continued support inside and outside of school.