Here you will find an overarching best fit curriculum that each class will be working to this half term during at home learning.

A new timetable will be published weekly for any children who are working from home. 

If you have any problems or questions please contact us on the following email:


5th February 2020


Click here for the no screen day bingo sheet


Maker Hour

Build the tallest tower

Build a den in your house or garden

Make a boat to float in your bath

Create a large piece of art

Make a sock puppet

Make your own healthy lunch

Paint a pebble

Draw a picture on a cereal box

Create a board game

Bake a cake

Genius Hour

Play Kim’s Game

(Memory game with a tray of objects)

Learn to read and spell 5 new words

Learn some words in another language

Learn some sign language

Learn a magic trick

Write a rap song

Draw your family  and any pets you have

Learn to juggle

Learn to tie a tie

Practise a musical instrument

Indi Reading Hour

Find a picture book you never noticed before

Read a recipe or instructions to complete an activity

Read and learn a poem

How many book titles can you read in an  minute? Can you improve?

Turn your favourite story into a comic book

Read a description from a book and create your own illustration

Read to someone else in your family for THEIR enjoyment

Time how many words can you read in a minute. Can you improve it?

Read someone else’s favourite book?

Begin to read  your favourite book again

Fitness Hour

Have a disco with your family and dance to your favourite tune

Go on a safe walk with a family member

Make an obstacle course inside and out

Make a fitness workout-Joe Wicks style

Touch every wall in your home

Take 200 steps around the house

Walk up and down the stairs 30 times

Do 50 stars jumps

Throw and catch a ball as many times as you can without dropping it

Sit down on the floor and stand up straight 20 times

Service Hour

Draw a picture of someone

Make a phone call to a relative

Write a card or letter to someone to say Hello

Tidy you room

Match Tupperware lids and bottoms

Fold your clothes

Write  a card or letter to someone to say thankyou

Teach someone else how to do something

Hoover a room in your house (ask a parent first)

Do the

washing up