Year 5 Home learning

Autumn 2

Below is the overarching best fit curriculum we will be working to this half term during at home learning. A new timetable will be published weekly at the bottom of this page for any children who are isolating or unable to attend. 


Writing - 

This half term for English home learning we will be focusing on writing around The BFG (Narrative writing) to link with our fiction work in school. The links below will take you to the overall units and you can follow along the lessons when you complete them.

Reading -  

This half term for English home learning we will begin by focusing our reading on reading for pleasure. 

This will then lead in to short comprehensions - links can be found on the weekly timetable below.


White Rose Links will be uploaded here when online lessons become available.




Prime Numbers

Square Numbers

Cube Numbers



For Science we will be looking Separating mixtures (chemistry) 

Life cycles (biology) 

Forces (physics) 

Please check the weekly timetable for when to complete these particular lessons.


Linked to Europe by River, we will be finalising our Geography topic in the first week of term.

Geography of England -

Countries of Europe -

Physical features of Europe -

Human characteristics of Europe -


Writing challenge: You own a cruise company and have been looking in to new areas of Europe to cruise around. Write a leaflet encouraging people to buy a ticket for your cruise.

What physical geography would they see? What human geography would they see?


Our computing is linked to sharing information. The following links will include all lessons to be completed. Check the weekly timetable for when to complete these specific lessons. 


We are currently looking at Humanism. The link below will take you to lessons on this area of religion.  


This unit is all about keeping safe. 


Weekly Timetable (Week 1)

Weekly Timetable (Week 2)

Weekly Timetable (Week 3)

Weekly Timetable (Week 4)

Weekly Timetable (Week 5)